Vitamin K Eye Cream

by admin

vitamin k eye creamQ: Does vitamin K eye cream actually work or is it just a scam?

A: It is definitely not a scam. Vitamin K is probably the best ingredient out there for treating dark circles and puffy eyes. In fact, this vitamin is widely used for other purposes too including broken capillaries, bruises, and to promote healthy blood clotting.

It is said that it works by helping to rebuild the vascular walls; this helps reduce the blood leakage which can cause those unsightly dark circles under eye (and as we all know, those are a dead giveaway of your real age).  So it actually helps address the core problem instead of just covering it up. This is why the best dark circle eye treatment products use high concentrations of vitamin K.



I know what it’s like to suffer from these ugly dark circles because I have had them since I was a teen. To make matters worse the bone structure on my face is very pronounced so that creates shadows under my brow ridge, too. Also the fact that I am of Eastern European descent probably contributes to the problem, because I know many people in that region have a genetic predisposition to developing black-purple areas under their eyes.

Vitamin K Sources
So you may be asking what the sources are of this vitamin? Well, as it turns out, you probably consume it on a regular basis. It’s primarily found in plant-based foods, animal sources don’t contain much at all. From what I have read, cauliflower appears to have the highest concentration of vitamin K. Brussels sprouts and broccoli come in at a distant second; they only contain about one-fourth as much. However, if you are on medications to thin your blood or have a history of blood clots then it’s probably a good idea to stay away from foods rich in vitamin K – talk with your doctor to find out.

Vitamin K For Dark Circles

Thank goodness we have products nowadays to treat these ugly problems!  Now I’m not claiming vitamin K is by any means a cure; there undoubtedly will be people out there it doesn’t help or at least it doesn’t help to the level they are satisfied with.  However – so far – it does appear to be the best method out there for this problem. This isn’t just my own personal opinion, but it also seems to be the consensus out there. So considering that it’s affordable, I feel it’s definitely worth a try. Plus what I love about it is the idea that they say it helps attacks the root problem. I like skin care products which help to solve the problem instead of only covering it up.

Also like I mentioned above, this is a symptom that makes anyone look way older than what they actually area, so it’s definitely not a problem you want to ignore out right, because it is probably one of the biggest (if not the biggest) clue to a person’s age in my opinion. Unfortunately, it’s also something that seems to affect both men and women, sometimes as early as their late teens. I know for me at least they probably first showed up when I hit 18 or 19.

Vitamin K Eye Cream
Creams which contain this ingredient work differently than when you consume them in your diet. You see vitamin K eye creams are different because this ingredient is being applied directly to the skin’s surface in the problem area. That way it can go to work directly on those problem capillaries which are often the key culprit in this embarrassing cosmetic condition.

Warning Before You Buy
There are many half-baked eye treatments out there which barely contain any active ingredients. Typically you will find these in the skin care products aisle at a drug store and places like that. So far, I haven’t found any at stores that I think are any good. If you want the good stuff, you probably will have to go online to buy it.

Also you will want to pay close attention to the concentration in vitamin K eye cream. I could be wrong, but from what I understand, I have heard the highest concentration you can buy is 5% of this vitamin, so personally I wouldn’t settle for any less.  Most dark circles eye cream products go with this maximum, plus they add in other ingredients which are known to be beneficial.